Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Tree trimming or tree pruning is a practice done on trees which are overgrown and dense. It involves reducing the branches by cutting using hand held tools or specialized tools.

Why do trimming

Tree trimming is done to either remove damaged or diseased branches, to reduce the tree’s height, to eliminate obstructing lower branches, to shape the tree for design purposes or to thin the crown to allow for better growth and good airflow.

When is it done?

Trimming should be done during the tree’s dormant season except when dead branches pose a hazard. During the trees dormancy, minimal sap will be lost to avoid stress to the tree. It also minimizes the likelihood of infectious agents or insects invading the tree since both would also be in dormancy. Moreover, deciduous trees can be conveniently trimmed when the leaves are off so that one can determine how the tree’s shape will be affected by trimming.

 How to do it

Branches should be trimmed when they are young and they should also not be cut too long or too short to the stem. The only branches that should be trimmed are those that are V-shaped, have narrow angles and are weak.
When thinning the tree’s crown, one should make sure that the lateral branches are spaced evenly especially on trees that are still young. Moreover, branches to be trimmed should include those that cross other branches and you should always desist from removing more than ¼ of the crown at once. Also, removing too many branches on the lower half of the tree may lead to a weaker stem.

Trimming procedure

A small wedge-shaped cut should be made on the branch’s underside near the branch side of the stem collar. This is to prevent the bark from tearing along the stem tissue.
Further along, the branch should be cut all the way from the top to leave a stub end.
Lastly, a third parallel cut should be made on the branch side of the stem collar in order to reduce the stub.

Tree trimming costs

The costs of tree trimming depend on whether you’ll do it yourself or you’ll hire a professional. Doing it yourself is appropriate when the tree is small with the use of a standard household pruner that costs $40- $50 or a gas pole pruner for $180.  Hiring a professional will cost between $75 and $80 for a 30 foot or shorter tree, $150 to $875 for a 30-60 foot tree and between $200 and $1000 for a 60 foot plus tree.  Certain factors like the health of the tree, its accessibility and location, travel expenses of the professional and when the tree was last pruned will also determine the cost of the services.

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