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“One of the key elements of attraction for Chicago is surely the eye-catching green landscape, most notably the thriving tree life. From Shingle Oak to American Sweetgum to Nanny berry, trees are one of the city’s most valuable scenic assets” [1]

Tree removal  services Chicago guide is something you might need, but only if you are lucky enough to have a tree on your property.Taking care of a tree in Chicago is relatively difficult because of the cold, snow and the windy winters they bring. In such extreme weather conditions, if a tree is left unattended, then it might not look good especially on the Christmas day. So, make sure you keep your tree in the perfect shape. Multiple tree services are available in Chicago, some of which are tree removal, tree maintenance, tree trimming, tree shaping, tree Cabling and Bracing, emergency tree service and tree stump removal.


Tree Removal Costs in Chicago:

Average Tree Removal Costs in Chicago -average cost of tree services in Illinois

According to the rough estimate, a Chicago local individual would be willing to pay around535 – $723 i.e. with an average of$629. However, considering the size, height, and type of tree, the minimum cost starts from $250 onwards to the maximum cost of $1200. Often dead trees are more difficult to remove [1] because of their instability and hence cost more. Whereas you might get a discount by selling it as firewood.


Tree Stump Removal Cost

The similar estimate shows that a normal house owner would pay around $150 for a tree stump to be ground to the ground. Every tree service provider has their own packages that may involve discount if you have more than one stump to be removed. The cost may vary considering the size and diameter of the stump. Generally, the tree stump removal service includes the uprooting and hauling away of the stump hence costs in between the range of $500 – $600.

Tree Maintenance

Nothing accurate can be told about the price of tree maintenance as it varies from place to place. However, the average maintenance cost would be approximate $460 in Chicago. It might be increased considering the place, type of tree, height, and amount of maintenance required by the tree. It is mostly decided by the arborist when he comes to visit the site. A discount can be given if the site has more than one tree to be maintained.

The cost of all the services depends on numerous factors which you will learn in the next heading.

Factors that affect the price in Chicagotree care expert cutting a tree

Commonly known factors include the size and type of the tree. There are some trees that have a slow growing system and hence require less pruning over the month. However, other trees such as poplar, empress, willow, and sycamore have a fast growing and hence require more frequent trimming as compared to others. Greater the height and diameter of the tree, more will the tree services charge you. Also, the type of tree also affects the cost. Some trees are hard and difficult to cut/prune/maintain hence the tree services might charge you more for it. By calling an arborist and getting a monthly checkup, you can help avoid the diseases that are sometimes the cause of tree removal and tree pruning.

Best time for tree services in Chicago

If your tree is infected or diseased then it is suggested to get it treated or removed right away. Otherwise, it is normally said that one should wait for the winters to get the tree maintained.

Some of the reasons are:

Frozen Ground: Since winters in Chicago are too extreme, hence it is the best time of the year as the ground is frozen and by removing the roots there would be very less damage to your ground. 

Dormant Growth: As we know that plants are dormant in the mid winters and new growth begins in the spring season which heals the newly wounds made by pruning or trimming. Hence by pruning in winters, the fresh wounds will only be exposed for a short period of time.

More visibility of structural problems: It is noticed that in cold winters, there is no foliage to obstruct views hence the structural problems are more visible. All this makes it easier for the tree service providers to make decisions regarding pruning cuts. Better the pruning decisions, lesser will be the damage.

Better access: Another reason to do tree service jobs in winter is that due to frozen grounds, the professional can access deeper areas using machinery which would not have been possible in any other season.


Best Types of Trees For Chicago IL

It is normally recommended by the Bureau of Forestry [2] to grow maple trees in Chicago since they are fast growing trees and usually reach 60 to 90 feet in height. The largest maple trees can even have a height above 120 feet. Such trees also are very cost effective when it comes to maintaining.

Trees recommended by Chicago Park District [3]:

Flowering crabapple, the sugar maple, the red maple hybrid, and the cornelian-cherry dogwood.

Trees recommended by Bureau of Chicago [4]:

Hedge Maple Japanese Tree Lilac Amur Maple Red spire pear. Avoid planting trees such as Honey locust, Norway maple and Silver Maple in the grass parkways. [5] 

Other trees include ash, oaks, poplars, hawthorns, ginkgoes, and lindens that are abundant in Chicago and are all well maintained. However, there are some trees that are highly difficult to maintain especially with the weather conditions of Chicago. One of which is citrus tree [6] as needs to be brought inside when in the peak frost weather which is very troublesome.


Problems and Diseases of trees in Chicago ILEAB Beetle

Due to extreme weather conditions, many problems are faced by the locals of Chicago.

  • The falling of Trees due to weather:

Storms and strong winds in Chicago are the main cause of trees falling on power lines or on your property.

  • Damage:

Often root issues are also severely damaged because of the extreme freezing temperature mainly below 15 degrees. Snow can cause the breaking and bending of branches hence it is important to prune long heavy branches before snowy days. The branches of many hardwoods, such as Siberian elm, maples, and birch can be seriously damaged in ice storms. It is also important that the heavy snow is removed gently before it freezes to limbs and branches.

  • Frost Cracks:

Frost cracks [7] is also known as radial shakes are basically longitudinal and deep cracks in the tree trunk that are caused mainly due to freezing temperature.

  • Emerald Ash Borer [8]:

The major problem in Chicago of ash trees is of emerald ash borer. To get information about prevention from emerald ash borer, follow the referenced link. [9]


Preventive Treatments and Visual Inspection

Some Preventives and precautions that can be taken to avoid any damage caused by winters in Chicago:

  1. Avoid late summer fertilization or pruning, which might stimulate new growth.
  2. Water trees and shrubs, especially evergreens, during dry periods until the ground freezes.
  3. Homeowners should regularly inspect their trees for any signs of fungus, discoloration or any other visually noticeable ailments
  4. Use mulch to conserve soil moisture and insulate the roots from cold temperatures.
  5. Protect evergreens from the wind and salt spray with burlap screens.
  6. An annual preventive treatment such as that of insect or fungicide spray can help.
  7. Apply anti-desiccant to evergreens starting in late fall, following label instructions.


Chicago Tree Permits

Even if 1/4th part of your tree is in the Chicago Land, then you will be needing a signed permit in order to remove it. So, in simple words, any tree on Chicago`s public property would need an authorization for full removal purposes. Generally, there is no need of a permit if there is a small tree less than 10 feet in your backyard or property. A permit is mainly for larger trees with height more than 10 feet especially those that are located near the power supply or plumbing lines. Such large trees have strong and deep roots in the ground that are hard to remove without damaging the lines.

NOTE: Tree work permit [10] is issued by the Bureau of Forestry [11] and it is essential to keep the copy/original of this permit with you at the time of tree removal to avoid any problem. Also, whoever you hire to remove your tree, would also need to have a liability insurance in case if anything goes wrong.

Information about Permit Application Process by Chicago Park District can be obtained from the link referenced. [12]


Choosing a Tree Services Company in Chicago IL

Tree Removal Services Chicago IL


It is important to know whether they are a professional tree service company or just going door to door to find work. Do they wear the protective suit during the job? Do they have good quality equipment? All these things would give you an idea whether to trust them with your work or not.


Make sure that whoever you hire should be insured, certified and skilled. Following Certifications are preferable for tree service providers:

  1. International Society of Arboriculture ISA
  2. Tree Care Industry Association TCIA [13]   
  3. Tree Care Safety Professional CTSP [14]

Jobs such as that of a tree service requires a lot of experience and skills. Make sure you ask around about their reputation before hiring them. Never make a mistake of hiring just because they are closer or charging less.


One should be persistent enough to ask the professional to make a detailed estimate of the costs including that of machinery, complications, debris removal, etc. Make a list, compare the prices, quality, and experience of various tree service companies and then decide. Don’t fall for the estimates that consist of very less amount because then the quality of work might be compromised.


A three-column listing package details of 3 different tree services would be very convenient. By this, one can easily pick one out with the best package details [15] and best additional cost prices [16].


Every tree service company has its own policy. Ask them about their policy of damaging the homeowner`s belongings or in the case of any accident and also what would be the aftermath if the homeowner is unsatisfied with their job. Always talk about such things beforehand to avoid any unnecessary argument later.


By the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the quality of any work that is done. Good tree service companies maintain their quality by using good sharp equipment suitable for the task, skilled certified workers and by following proper safety precautions. A good practice would be to visit any recent site they worked on and observe.


Each company depending on their number of available workers suggest the different amount of time for the job. Hence, it is better to come up with a comparison of all the companies nearby to get a better understanding.


“Topping” is a technique which involves removal of live sections of the trees one by one. Such a technique is not considered as a good practice especially for not a huge healthy tree. Many accidents can also be caused in doing so. If the professionals, you plan on hiring advertise such a technique then it is better to look for any other company to do the job using proper methods. [17]


Workers responsible for climbing, cutting or trimming are necessary to wear safety clothes to protect [18] themselves from the debris and chainsaw. Hence, it is important to ask them directly what precautions they would take in case of any electric power supply or plumbing lines. [19]


Top Tree services providers in Chicago

Here is the list of few top tree service professionals that provide numerous services and known for their reputation. All these tree service providers are in Chicago and would offer you the most reasonable prices.

  1. Treesurgical [1]
  2. Progressive Tree Service [20]
  3. Country Tree Service [21]
  4. Corkd Tree Service [22]
  5. Jose’s Tree Service [23]
  6. Jesse Tree Service [24]
  7. AM Tree Service, Inc. [25] 
  8. Day & Night Tree Service, Inc. [26]
  9. Tree Cutters Experts.  [27]
  10. Phenomenal Tree Service [28]
  11. Berumen Lawn Service, Inc. [29]      

Best Tree Removal Chicago, IL – Get a Quote

You will find multiple online sites of Chicago tree services in order to get a quote for your work with respect to the latest prices. This gives you an idea of how much will the professional charge you if you hire them.

  1. Treesurgical Free Quotes [1]
  2. Corkd Website [30]
  3. Multiple Verified Tree Service Quote. [31]


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