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Rockford, Illinois got its name because it straddles the Rock River in the northern area of the state. Founded in the 1830’s and bolstered in part due to its prominence in furniture manufacturing, the “Forest City” has become a haven for outdoor activities. For those who enjoy nature, Rockford features a slew of options, such as the 3,000 acre Rock Cut State Park, the Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden, and the Anderson Japanese Gardens.

It is obvious that the citizens of Rockford take pride in preserving the beauty of their residence, and from time to time that will mean sprucing up or removing an unsightly tree.

Tree Care Services Rockford Illinois

Tree removal is not an easy job, which is why there are professional companies which will handle it for you, but those are not the only services which they can provide. Tree trimming and pruning is an essential part of keeping a tree not only healthy, but safe to be around, as dead branches can fall at any time, causing damage to property or even a person. Some trees can also benefit from the use of cables or braces, which will provide extra support and structural integrity to a tree which may need a boost in those areas.

Tree service professionals will also handle inspections, which look for things such as disease, pest infestation, or structural issues within the tree, so removal may not even be necessary. If removal is deemed something that has to be done, once the tree is gone there will be an unsightly stump, but that too can be taken out and made to look as if there never was a tree there in the first place.

Tree Service Companies Rockford IL

tree expert at treesurgicalUsing a professional tree removal service to handle those tasks may not be something people think of on a regular basis, but it is necessary in order to maintain healthy trees and ensure a beautiful city. In terms of safety, it is also in the best interest of the homeowner. Removing a tree or simply trimming a tree with any type of height on it is a dangerous job, and one that can have dire consequences for those who are unfamiliar with the proper and safest way to do it.

There is a financial benefit to keeping trees healthy as well. The shade they provide can mean using air conditioning on a far less frequent basis during the hot summer months, and can even mean using the heat less during those frigid winter months, because trees will help block the blustery winds from invading a home. It has also been shown that homes with trees mean higher property values as potential buyers crave homes with landscaping already in place. Financial incentives are nice, but maybe the most important – and tangible – reason to keep trees healthy is the oxygen they provide, and that is a benefit nobody can do without.

City or State Tree Regulations

There are many, many types of trees for the residents of Rockford to enjoy, but some are more prominent than others, including maple, birch, oak, elm, and ash. These trees abound, but there are  certain regulations which Rockford citizens must abide by when maintaining them, though they are specific to being adjacent to the public right-of-way. For example, a tree in that area must have the lowest branches at least 15 feet off the ground, and permits are required for any work done on them.


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Cost of Tree removal services in Rockford IL

Removing a tree, or having it worked on in order to keep in safe and healthy, is a necessary job, but one that does not have to break the bank. The cost of tree services will vary based on a number of different things such as how tall the tree is, what type of condition it is in, and where it is located, because it may cost more if it is in an area that is difficult to get to. Nationally, the average price of tree trimming is somewhere around $400, but in Rockford, was slightly more expensive than that. -average cost of tree services in Illinois


Removing trees will be costlier than simply maintaining them and the prices will have a greater fluctuation depending on the factors that were previously mentioned. Across the country, it cost slightly less than $550 for tree removal services, and in Rockford, the price was yet again more than that, but only by a small margin.

It is important to keep in mind that removing Tree services Cost Guide imagesmaller trees could yield a price tag much less than that, while bigger trees – those that hover around 60 feet off the ground – could be twice as expensive. These may seem like big numbers, but the fact of the matter is, maintaining or removing a tree before it becomes a problem will ultimately save homeowners money and time in the long run. 

For more information on the cost of tree care and tree removal, go here to this guide on tree services costs.  For some additional information on how to save money on tree services check out this 12 step guide. “12 ways to axe the cost of tree removal services“. 



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