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Tree cutting and removal is that one job that a person must never consider doing himself. It requires actual training and experience to chop down a tree.

Not only expertise but real equipment is needed, but for you it is very important to educate yourself about typical tree cutting prices, the equipment needed, the cost for each step and the factors that should be kept in mind before any tree removal job.

Nowadays, professional companies and contractors are just a phone call away to get the job done, but before calling anyone you must keep in mind the cost they will charge.

You need to make sure you get the value for the cost you are paying and to do so you must have an idea about the average range of prices.


Tree Cutting and Removal

The cost to remove a tree varies from $150 to $1200. It merely depends on the tree services you have in mind. Some basic services are included in a package which is to chop down a tree, if near a building the tree is roped down, or it is divided into manageable pieces to cut it easily without any damage, and dragged away without any extra charges.

However, cutting down a tree almost never includes removing the stump of the tree, it is in every case charged separately as it requires different equipment and expertise. -average cost of tree services in Illinois


Factors The Influence Cost

The cost you will have to pay for getting a tree removed depends mainly on the size of the tree. Average cost for a tree up to 25 feet tall varies from $150 to $500, for a tree which is 25 to 75 feet tall varies from $200 to $1200. Whereas a tree higher than 75 feet would cost $1500 minimum. Nevertheless, other factors also play an important role. Some of them are listed below:


Height and diameter are both used to measure the size of tree. It is an important factor because cutting down a tree with more diameter is going to be harder than a tree which has less thickness.


The tree if healthy and in good shape is harder to remove than a weak tree with already dying roots. One must always make sure to bargain if the tree is weak, it will cost you less.


If a tree is near buildings or residential areas it becomes hard to chop it and drag it. It needs to be roped down very carefully to make sure it does not cause any damage. So, it will cost more. But if the tree you are getting removed is in a place where it can be chopped down easily make sure you have to pay less.

Fallen tree

If the tree is fallen and has already caused damage then it costs more because it needs to be very carefully taken out without causing any more damage.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is the trickiest of the jobs, it costs on average $165 but the cost may vary depending on the diameter of the tree, the condition of the soil, the roots, and also the time in which you want it removed. There are various methods to remove a stump and the equipment used can also vary depending how fast and efficiently you want it removed.

Trimming and Pruning

Trimming a tree sounds like an easy job but in reality it is more than just removing the dead or broken limbs. Doing it yourself is always dangerous unless the tree size is small and manageable.

It can cause serious damages if done without any professional help. The average cost ranges from $50 to $1000 depending on the size, location, health, accessibility of the tree and the time passed since last it was pruned. You might be charged around $250 in case of emergency trimming services. So, try not to avoid trimming for a long time, if may cost you more as time passes.


How to Reduce Tree Service Costs – Getting Cheaper Quotes

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Now you know some of the factors that you need to consider when looking at how to hiring a tree expert  the following are some tips and hacks you can do to reduce the cost of tree services, some of these ideas can be both action based as well as preventative measures:

Preventive Measures:

  • Before buying a property, inspect the health of the trees and factor in the cost of longterm health and maintenance issues that will need to be dealt with as you develop the property and trees that might give you problems further down the road.  Deal with them early when you have hired staff on the property.  This will always work out cheaper than getting out a tree expert specifically but get a recommend expert where possible and if required.
  • When you have a dead or dying tree, act early rather than waiting and prevent further potential damage to your property or neighbors.
  • When planting new trees, get advice on what trees to plant and where to prevent having to pay maintenance on the tree in ten years time and longer especially as people enter retirement when they have less resources, you dont want to have to remove trees where possible.  Plant suitable trees for the type of soil as well as the location close to buildings and taking into consideration the growth rate and conditions.

Current Action Measures

  • Do part of the job yourself – Hire a tree expert to fall the tree and when its fallen, you cut it up and block it for firewood.  This way your saving on the cutting and gaining firewood.  Alternatively, sell on the firewood to neighbors or locals to counteract the cost of the tree falling.
  • Maintain your trees annually to prevent longterm care costs, its a bit like regular trips to your dentist will yield you very few surprises, same with your trees in most cases.  Annual trimming, watering and overall care will keep your bills down in the long term.
  • For more ides on how to reduces costs of tree care check out our article here reducing the cost of tree services


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