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Tree Removal Services Chicago ILAs a property owner as well as a tree guardian in the city of Joliet IL, you have the privilege of taking care of what society would regard as one of our most precious resources.

We here at Treesurgical are here to help you manage that responsibility and at the same time, enhance your property and preserve its value as well as maintain your tree’s so you can continue to enjoy them as you have in the past. Give us a call at the local partner office if you have questions with regard to tree services in Joliet IL and we will be delighted to let you know how we can help. Call 815-205-0221 here in Joliet IL

The Removal Joliet IL

bridge in Joliet ILTree provide a very long list of benefits as well as greatly improving the quality of people’s lives across the neighborhood. This list includes, stress reduction, which alone is very important given that people suffer from stress in busier urban environments more so than people in less populated areas.

Trees provide shade and provide urban habitat for numerous wildlife across the city. They reduce air pollution and help increase property values by as much as 15% - 20% and complement and enhance buildings and architecture. For any Trimming and Pruning or tree cutting that can enhance your property, give us a call here at Treesurgical, tree removal services to give you a free quote.


Common Tree Diseases

Emerald Ash Borer

EAB Beetlein the summer of 2002, an exotic beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer was discovered in southeaster Michigan near Detroit where it has killed more than half a million ash trees and has spread across the mid west. The adult beetle fees on ash foliage and causing initially little or no harm however the larvae fee on the inner back of ash trees doing damage to the trees ability to transport water and nutrients. Initially is is suspected that they arrived on wood packing material carried in cargo and originating in Asia.

The City of Joliet has adopted an Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) management plan since May 16th 2011 according to Dept. of Public Works see more above. For more information on the symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer.   Residence whose ash tree has been confirmed with having EAB and those who have an ash tree located in the city parkway adjacent to an infested ash tree will receive a letter from the city notifying them of the steps to follow.

For those who would like a DIY guide to the insecticidal control option please see the following guide: If you have any queries with regard to suspected cases of EAB, we have certified arborist here at tree surgical trees removal service and can help you, just give us a call.

Tree & Limb Removal Policy for The City of Joliet IL

Tree and Limb Services Guide

With over 1000 miles of parkway throughout the city of Joliet IL, the city has many laws and guidelines to manage this large space, there are summarized here:

"The Forestry Division will provide periodic pruning of the branches on these trees to remove low level branches which cause problems with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Low level branches cause problems for City of Joliet Roadways Division trucks when sweeping streets and removing snow and ice from roadways".

Storm Debris

During storms, The Roadways Division will remove limbs and branches that fall from parkway trees Only. Limbs and branches or fallen trees that fall from trees on private property but are blocking public roadways or right of will be removed off the right of way. The city will not remove trees that fall from private property. Residents are strong discouraged from moving trees limbs and branches form private property on to the parkways or in public right of way. for more more information, you should contact the forestry division at 815-724-4046 or the roadways division at 815-724-3650.   If you need any other tree emergency services, contact us here at at 815-205 0221

The Cost of Tree Removal Services in Joliet IL -average cost of tree services in Illinois


Most homeowners in Joliet IL will spend between $500 and $700 tree services cost with an average of $600.  It can be as low as $200 and be as high as $1200 depending on the type of work involved.  The following is a graph to explain.  Stump grinding will cost around $150 and will cost you more to have it dug up and removed as well as hauled away, can cost up to 500$ depending on size and time involved.  Call us here at Treesurgical at our partner office in Joliet IL for a tree services quote.tree care expert cutting a tree


Treesurgical can provide certified arborist and tree removal including, tree trimmers,  tree pruning, tree cutting and removal as well as stump removal and stump grinding. We can assess your trees for health or remove any high risk trees threatening your property, give our local partner office a call and we can give you a call out no obligations, here to help you preserve one of you greatest assets, Trees.  Call us for a free quote on 815-205-0221 Today


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