Cheap Tree Removal Services- 15 ways to get better prices

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How to Reduce the Cost of Tree Removal Services ….

Some solutions will help you in the short-term and more are of a longer term solution to the management of trees. Keep in mind some recommendations will not be suitable and each person situation is different, risk is different for everyone and always to best to be better safe than sorry for keep this advice in perspective and if unsure, check with a certified local arborist if you are unsure.

  1. Get the job done off-season will help you reduce the cost of tree removal, often companies in high season will be charing full rates and will be charging you per tree. In off season it is possible to get a fixed cost on the total work when you tree removal company is in a go slow period. This may vary when that is depending on where you are living, but the most obvious time to avoid calling tree removal companies is during stormy and windy weather. There busy and you will pay high costs and will wait for the pleasure. if unsure, simply call a local removal company and ask when is there quiet season and you want to get a quote during this period.
  2. Get more estimates – this may seem obvious but often when faced with a potential high bill, after getting your first quote, with the price being received can leave some people a little overcome by the unanticipated cost, they forget to go out and get more prices, if you can get three to five quotes it will give you a much better perspective.
  3. Do the cleanup and cutting yourself – If you can work it out with the tree company that you are willing to do the cleanup and chipping and cutting of firewood yourself, there maybe ways to reduce the cost, you will have to check with each quote and some companies may not give you this option but worth checking.
  4. Check Craigslist for a cheaper quote – You can often find someone on Craigslist to do it for cheaper for you but again like everything in life it comes with its own risk and you need to keep that in mind. Not recommended by us but an option.
  5. Get Regular Trimming done – to reduce storm damage and falling beaches. Remember storms and high winds are often natures way of cleaning up what needs to be brought down, weak and rotten trees will often only fall during bad weather because of lack of attention to their health. Remember trees are continuously growing each year, regular trimming can reduce the risk of over-stretched limbs and weak trees. As well its increases the health and appearance of to overall tree re-enforcing better health so you have less damage during high winds. For regular trimming, Contact us here.
  6. Get Your trees done one at a time over a few years – break down the cost of your tree removal over the course of a few years rather than in one swoop. If you have trees that need urgent attention, best to deal with them first, simple branch removal may be enough in the short term to help in spreading the job out over time.
  7. Get the estimate broken down into its relevant parts – if you can get the estimate broken down into individual parts, it will give some opportunity to try and offset the cost of some of the quote such as getting the timber cut and chipped and brush. You may want to do some of this yourself. At least you will be able to see if there is room to reduce costs.
  8. Get an Arborist assessment before getting any trees cut -Sometimes you can remove certain branches to stabilize the tree, and branches can also be cabled to reduce the chance of their breaking and falling. Trees can also be assessed to determine if their trunks are rotten and what condition they are in, this will give you a more expert view as to what actually needs to be done in relation to what you think needs to be done.
  9. Asking someone locally to take the tree for firewood in exchange for cutting it for free – keep in mind this comes with its own risks, wont suit everyone but for smaller jobs that are low risk and if you can agree with a local or a neighbor an exchange of timer for cutting down of tree, great, but exercise this option with extreme caution, can go very wrong if not managed carefully. We do not recommend this option for the majority of people.
  10. Ask what is their payment policy? – Check with the company giving you the quote, what is their payment options are, some of the large tree removal companies do provide some financing or payment over a course of time, if you have the option for this, it can reduce the pain of cost in the short-term.
  11. Check with the tree expert if they are using a lift truck or climbers to do the job? – The use of a lift truck is far easier for a company and more efficient but it can be more expensive than using climbers, climbers can be a cheaper option some of time, sometimes this may not reduce the cost, you will have to check with the company and your location.
  12. Flat fee estimate or Per hour estimate? – Check with the estimator are they giving you an estimate on a flat fee basis or approximating it on a time basis. Sometimes it can be best to go for a flat fee option especially where jobs are complex and unpredictable.
  13. Before buying a property, always check the trees and get a heath check on them so you can take into consideration the longterm costs of maintaining them.  If you already renovating, maybe a good time to deal with them when you already have contractors on the site.
  14. Do part of the job yourself – get a professional tee company to fall the tree and then you cut it up for firewood so you are gaining with the firewood or alternatively, sell the firewood locally to offset your falling costs.
  15. Do ongoing annual maintenance to your trees such as dealing with trimming and cutting excess limbs, see it like going to your dentist regularly, you will not have to deal with any unsuspected surprises apart from storms and events beyond your control.

Warning – the above advice is giving you some ideas and tips to reduce cost however we do not recommend any shortcuts that will increase risk and increase the potential further damage to property as result we only recommend you dealing with a fully certified and qualified professional that gives you the very best advice irrelevant of cost and other opportunities. We recommend you check all quotes are given by insured and certified professionals. If in doubt please check your location here and give us a call


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