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Urban woods and trees considerably boost or high quality of life from the quality of our air, scenery, and it greatly enhances our whole measure and lifestyle in inner-city locations that would be normally be far too dull and concrete looking otherwise.

Vegetation bring shelter, and soften the appearance to our roadways and driveways. Your trees in your garden make that same contribution and we are here to help you managed that as your local tree experts here in Arlington Heights IL.  If you have questions, call now on 224-699-5037

Benefits of Trees to Our Streets


Tree ChipperTrees provide a very long list of benefits as well as greatly improving the quality of people's lives across our neighborhood. This list includes, stress reduction, which alone is very important given that people suffer from stress in busier urban environments more so than people in less populated areas.

Trees provide shade and provide urban habitation for numerous wildlife across the city They decrease atmosphere pollution and help increase building values by as much as 15% - 20% and complement and enhance buildings and architecture etc not to mention the environmental benefits.tree-removal-quote

Fallen Limbs Storm and Debris

Limbs and branches or fallen plants that fall from trees on private homes but are blocking public roadways or right of way will usually be removed by the city services. However all debris falling on private property is obviously not covered by local services and we strongly suggest that you to contact us here at Treesurgical, your local area tree specialists to deal with any dangerous trees and debris that falls in your garden. Neighborhood city services Arlington Heights will not remove debris from trees that are on private land and this is seen to be the responsibility of the tree owners. You can call us here on 224-699-5037 today.

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What trees Plant in Your Garden

tree expert at treesurgicalWhen choosing a tree for your garden, it is important that you get the finest advice before planting, there certainly are many points to consider such as height and tree canopy and how it will impact your home long term.

Other considerations are what plants will grow greatest and what forests are native to your area. Whether you live in the city or out in the suburbs. Get in touch with us here at Treesurgical to help you get the greatest recommendations from our arborists and neighborhood lawn professionals. We make sure that your choice of tree will give you maximum benefit and help reduce the potential problems some trees can give you down the road. Call us on 224-699-5037 .

Tree Removal Arlington Heights IL

Treesurgical provide a full range of arborist and removal services including, Trimming and Pruning, cutting and removal as well as stump removal and strump grinding. We can assess your plants for health or remove any high dangers limbs threatening your property, give our local office a phone call and we can give you a no obligation rate, we're here to assist you preserve one of you greatest assets so you can continue to enjoy their beauty in the safest possible manner. Call us now on 224-699-5037


Other Services We Provide:

Tree Cutting and Removal

Trimming & Pruning

Tree Stump Removal & Grinding

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