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Rockford, Illinois is a city that takes pride in the many outdoor attractions available to its residents and visitors. It is a haven for park enthusiasts, offering a host of engaging activities for people of all ages.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Rockford citizens have a keen interest in keeping their trees healthy and gorgeous. Fortunately, doing so is as easy as hiring a professional arborist.

We provide a full range of certified arborist services for whatever job you need done, where its a simple tree health assessment or you need a full tree removal, we cover it all for you.

Arborist Expertise

An arborist is an expert in managing individual trees, which make them an ideal fit to assist individual residences with any issues they may have in their yard. Arborists can offer many services to a homeowner, such as identifying if trees need pruning or trimming, and the exact type that is necessary depending on if the tree is damaged, diseased, or obstructive.

They can also determine if a tree must be removed, and though they often consider that a last resort, it may be necessary if a tree is already dead or a potential risk in some way. Arborists can also determine the health of a tree by diagnosing any potential problem due to disease or infestation, or provide preventative maintenance to stop any issues before they even start.

Certified Arborist Rockford IL

tree care expert cutting a treeBefore hiring anyone to work on your tree, there are certain steps that should be taken in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Anybody can call themselves an arborist, but that does not necessarily mean they truly are.

Arborists should have certification by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), which can only be obtained after passing an extensive exam that firmly establishes their knowledge of how to manage and care for trees.

Thankfully, it is easier than ever to check and make sure the arborist has this certification. While it is certainly possible that ISA certified arborists may not be the least expensive option available, there should be no doubt that they have the know-how and experience to get the job done correctly the first time.

Cost of Tree Removal Services

Treesurgical.com -average cost of tree services in Illinois

Cost of Arborist Rockford IL

Nationally, the average cost of hiring an arborist is somewhere between $250 and $450, with the variance dependent on the specific type of work being done. In Rockford, the average cost of arborist services is nearly identical to that of the national average. These are simply averages, however, and it is possible for a job to cost far less or far more depending on the situation, from simply trimming some dead branches off a tree or treating the soil to ensure a healthy one. In either case, a certified arborist is the right choice for the job.  For more information on the cost of tree removal go here to our Tree Removal Cost Guide.


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