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As a property owner here in Aurora Illinois, you sometimes put your self at great risk when you try to cut down a tree if you’re unskilled for the task. A certified arborist is who you need to assess and complete the job professionally and risk free. Unfortunately many people have never heard of us or are not aware of the skills required to carry out such a task and can often do more damage to both their property and trees.

Here in Aurora IL, we have a thriving tree population across our neighborhoods and parks and we want you to protect and grow healthy trees for the benefit of everyone. Let Treesurgical help you do that responsibly by giving us a call to get a quote for your work.  Call us today on 630-216-8082

Certified Arborist in Illinois

You may be asking, what is an Arborist and exactly what do they do? Simply, Arboriculture involves the “Cultivation, management and study of tress, shrubs and vines”. An arborist is a qualified professional that assesses and manages the health and safety of trees. “A certified arborist are individuals who have achieved a level of knowledge in the art and science of tree care through at least three years experience and have passed a comprehensive examination developed by some of the national leading experts on tree care” according to Illinois Arborist.

Scope of Work Carried Out by Arborists

  • Train and guide your saplings to develop a strong structure as they grow
  • Diagnose disease and pests and implement treatment
  • Remove dangerous trees and remove or grind the stump
  • To repair and manage limb damage as well as removing dead wood.
  • To do health assessments, preventive as well as safety checks and minimize potential risk
  • Give you guidance on the most appropriate trees to plant as well as transplanting.

Still Wondering Why You Think You Need To Call an Arborist?

Tree Chipper

Professional tree care is an investment in your property and can have a substantial return on the value of you property. Trees have been noted to add a value of up to 15% to the price of some properties. Given your home is your biggest investment you’ve made, then calling a certified arborist from Aurora Illinois will obviously only add and protect that investment you’ve made.

Remember poorly maintained trees can be significant liability for many reasons. Leave it to people who know and do it all year round and have served hundreds of customers here in Aurora city IL, we protect and enhancing the trees in your garden.  Regular maintenance will reduce the cost burden when you do have to maintain your trees especially in cases where you have no choice but to manage a potential hazard.



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Call Us To Give You A Free Assessment, & Estimate

Despite trees being a great investment for your property, they can be expensive in the short-term to maintain and manage, we here at Treesurgical will promise to work with you to minimize those costs and so you can continue to enjoy them. Average arborist cost are around $150 per hour, most arborist will give your initial consultation free of charge but you need to check this first, some apply a minimum fee callout.

Tree removal services costs in Aurora Illinois can be as little as $200 and as high as $1500. The majority of customer keep and average cost of between $500 and $700. Again these cost vary dramatically depending on you the challenge and should in no way accepted without getting a free quote from your local Treesurgical Arborist.  Call us at the number above.

Factors that Effect The Price of Tree Removal Services

The size of your trees, the location of your trees and how accessible they are, the risk posed by removing the tree and their position in relation to your property. The safety measures that need to be put in place in order to carry out the work as well as the transportation required to remove the trees.

All these are good guidelines in relation to working out a cost but we advise you to simply call one of our partners here to give you a free health assessment and price to complete the job and this is give you a good idea quick and easily. There may be a number of ways to also reduce the cost and still achieve the best outcome, we are confident we can help you bring the best for your trees and your budget.  For more information on the cost of tree services in Aurora IL, go here.

Call Our Appointed Certified Partner and Expert in Aurora IL tree cutter2Getting a reliable certified tree professional that can give you the very best a advice to manage, preserve and safely oversee your trees can be a challenge especially at reasonable rates. Treesurgical works with certified and specially appointed partners across Illinois and we can certainly provide you with a qualified and certified arborist partner to help you with your tree challenges at a very competitive rate.

We can provide you with a local tree expert that can give you a free assessment and quote for any tree care problems. Give us a call here and we will send out one of our experts here in Aurora Illinois so you can put your mind at ease and know your trees are in great hands and you have the very best advice before you make any decisions on how you want to proceed. Call us now at our partner office.


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